Yucaipa Center for Health and Family Well-Being
"Abundant Life for Everyone"
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 Mission and Values
The Yucaipa Health Center was innaugurated on July 24, 2010.

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To continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by providing access to health care and the general wellness to all ages in the Yucaipa Valley community.

  • To provide the opportunity for the uninsured and underinsured person in our service area to receive preventive care and early medical treatment.
  • To provide lifestyle education and services to our service area
  • To increase access to healthcare and wellness services across the life span thereby reducing disparities;
  • To give individuals the opportunity of enriching their lives with the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ through health care services.

  • Health care services including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components.
  • Wellbeing services that encourage a healthy lifestyle through education and preventive medicine.

  • To provide no-cost family based health services to persons who do not have access to care including.
    1. comprehensive health care screening
    2. preventive health services
    3. uncomplicated sick visits
    4. referrals to specialty care
    5. referrals to ED/acute care
  • To respect the dignity and autonomy of each person by supporting them to participate in their health care decisions.
  • To serve as a role model as a health care organization to promote advocacy, teamwork and shared decision-making
  • To facilitate referrals and access to public assistance, primary and specialty care programs.